Tammy Campbell

In addition to serving as team lead for the IT Division’s Workstation Support Group, Campbell is passionately committed to education advocacy and has supported numerous mentoring programs, both at the Lab and in the local community. She herself started work at the Lab as a mentored undergrad 38 years ago. We checked in with Campbell to learn more about her devotion to supporting the next generation.

Why is mentoring important to you?

I was blessed to have Berkeley Lab nuclear chemist James Andrew Harris as my mentor when I started working at the Lab. His willingness to take time to teach and advise me in my job gave me that something extra to succeed. That simple gesture provided me with the foundation to support the Lab’s mission and understand the need to pay it forward. As an education advocate, mentoring is fundamental to who I am and gives meaning to my life.

Is there a particular mentoring success story that stands out in your mind…someone for whom your mentoring really made a difference?

So many of the young people I have supported over the years are now scientists, musicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, fire fighters, police officers, mechanics, etc. I’m so proud of their success. I’m currently mentoring two UC Berkeley students and a high school student. These young women inspire me to be a better person. Their aspirations for a better future, a better life, and to make a difference in society, move me to action.

What does employee involvement in mentoring bring to the Lab?

Whether you are mentoring for one event or leading a STEM effort for an organization or school, our involvement as Berkeley Lab employees demonstrates our commitment to the advancement of science. We are an organization that cares about the future. We are an institution that supports the development of the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Want to get involved in mentoring? The Lab’s K-12 program offers many volunteer opportunities.

Want to mentor college interns and faculty at the Lab? Visit the Lab’s Workforce Development and Education website for more information.