Three Questions for HENRIK VON DER LIPPE

March 30, 2022

To close out Women’s History Month this March, the Women’s Support and Empowerment Council (WSEC), formerly named the Women Scientists and Engineers Council, executive co-sponsor Henrik von der Lippe shares his perspective as an ally and the importance of having an inclusive environment.

After attending the Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (J.E.D.I.) Program for Transformational Healing and witnessing the value of diversity and inclusion, Henrik became an early supporter of bringing the IDEA principles to the Lab. He served as one of the inaugural members on the Lab’s Senior Leadership Council and voiced his support of empowering women at the Lab, leading to his nomination as co-executive sponsor of WSEC.

What is the most exciting or fulfilling part of being an executive co-sponsor for WSEC?

I believe that a diverse workforce produces better results and makes a better work environment. So when I was confirmed to be one of the executive sponsors for WSEC, I thought “What an honor!” I am proud to have the opportunity to work with talented and inspirational women and other women empowerment supporters to make the Lab a better place to work. As an executive co-sponsor, I am able to get attention from leadership to advocate for WSEC initiatives and women employees.

What improvements have you seen in Lab inclusion and culture over the years, and what is your vision for the Lab’s future?

I’ve seen firsthand the value of a diverse and inclusive environment: having and hearing different perspectives enriches the dialogue and makes us collectively better at serving the team science mission of the Lab. My vision is that the Lab will be an employer that supports women to build successful long-term careers and enable more mentorship and role modeling for others, so that the Lab is known to be an employer of choice and place where women can start and grow their careers.

What are you looking forward to for next year's Women's History Month?

Beyond the great programming and partnerships for Women’s History Month, I am looking forward to the continued celebration of the accomplishments women have made (some of which are mentioned in this interactive Women of the Lab timeline) and are currently making at the Lab year-round, especially in partnership with my executive co-sponsor Carol Burns. Additionally, I am looking forward to the prospect of further educating the Lab community on how important it is to have women serve in all roles at the Lab.

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