thank you for your service

To all those who have continued to work on site, thank you. You may not hear it enough, but your dedication to the Lab and its mission is appreciated.

Here are portraits of just a few of our employees who have been working, often behind the scenes, to keep the Lab operational in the past year. Check back for additional portraits of the Lab's frontline workers.

Darren Moore, Custodial Services

Manuela Bran, Custodial Services

Almondo Alston, Custodial Services

Jamar Wilson, Custodial Services

Godfrey Freeman, Custodial Services

Noah Bullock, Custodial Services

Sayee Chea, Light Technician

Frank Hampton, Light Technician

Joseph "Joko" Colmenares, High Voltage Electrician

Joseph Pica, High Voltage Electrician

Balbino Mercadal, Light Technician

Everett Combs, Electrician, ALS

Scott Brozek, Electrician, ALS

William Kenney, Electrician, ALS

Chris Nevill, Electrician, ALS

David Davis, Electrician, ALS

Jack "Beau" Erwin, Electrician

Steve Sechak, Electrician

Donovan Rodrigues, Electrician

Robert Ramer, Electrical Supervisor