Miles Green

February 3, 2022

Water is the happy place for Miles Green. After two years of bringing people together through technology at the Lab, Miles prefers to recharge in the calm of the water. Swimming, snorkeling, boating, and most recently kayaking are the activities that keep Miles grounded.​

Miles has only been with the Lab for three years, but thanks to the pandemic, it seems as if he has always been at the Lab, uniting people through music. Miles, the host of the popular Groove Lounge, has a day job in Information Technology, where he is working to build the audiovisual infrastructure of the Lab.

Infrastructure is important to him due to his experience in sound and lighting before coming to the Lab. He's at the point in his career when he wants to build something that can outlast him after he's retired to build a boat or pursue another nautical dream. "Other organizations have touchscreens and state-of-the-art technology, and when I came to the Lab, I found many old projectors with walls as screens. I saw it as a unique opportunity to employ my specific skill set."

In his role in IT, Miles has counseled many teams through the intricacies of Zoom collaboration. "I think our transition to the hybrid work mode was more seamless than other organizations because we were already on the path to training Lab employees on remote collaboration. I am proud of the part IT could play in this work."

Team Science is Miles's favorite core value. "As we work on upgrades to the IT infrastructure, I've had an opportunity to talk with people all over the Lab. Whether it is electricians, carpenters, or division directors, I've found that everyone takes the Team Science approach.

Miles is also a member of the African American Employee Resource Group steering committee, which is celebrating Black History Month in February.

Growing up, did you have role models that looked like you? How important is it for young people to see successful Black role models in business and science?

My grandfather was a prominent attorney in the Bay Area who showed me how to conduct myself professionally and with integrity. He taught me to be self-sufficient and let others know I deserve respect. From him, I learned that the work you do is most important. I don't want to be judged; just put me in the role and let me do the job. I realize there is prejudice that people of color face in the workplace, but I’m grateful that I haven't experienced it at the Lab.

This year's theme for Black History Month is "Plan of Action." What is your plan for self-improvement or helping others improve in 2022 as a means of obtaining equality?

Now that I've had the opportunity to become more comfortable in my role, I can actively participate in the African American Employee Resource Group. I volunteered for the steering committee and now putting together the speaker series for this month's Black History Month. I enjoy bringing people together, connecting with them. I do that through music when I host the Groove Lounge, and I want to do it through the ERG by sharing our heritage during Black History Month. The Groove Lounge on Feb. 24 at 5 p.m. will feature the contributions of African Americans to music, dance, art, and culture.

You can't spend all of your time at the Lab. What is the one thing we don't know about you that defines you?

Well, you know about my DJ experience, but did you know I used to DJ for some of the local Bay Area tour boats? I enjoy spending time on and in the water because it calms my spirit. I was a lifeguard and swim instructor for many years at the beach and poolside. I have saved at least ten people from drowning while not on duty and had a few more rescues while lifeguarding. My most memorable was at Black Rock Beach in Maui, which is especially treacherous since the volcanic rocks are very sharp and slippery.

Currently, I'm into kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. I'm happy to talk about water sports any time!