Patricia Johnson

January 8, 2024

Patricia (Pat) Johnson, HR Business Process and Projects Manager, is an elite powerlifter who has broken world records. In this interview kicking off the new year, she shares her powerlifting accomplishments and advice on tackling goals that can seem insurmountable.

What is your role at the Lab? 

As the HR Business Process & Projects Manager, I provide leadership and management of HR business process and reengineering initiatives and manage key HR initiatives.

I heard you had a major accomplishment in breaking a couple of world records recently, could you share more? 

I started powerlifting competing competitively in 2019. When I was preparing for the National Championships in 2020, the pandemic hit and everything was canceled. But since 2021, I’ve won the national title in my weight class and age division three years in a row.  

Last year was my first year being on the USA National Team. I represented the U.S. at the International Powerlifting Federation World Championships in Mongolia where I won overall in my weight class and age division, and Best Female Lifter in my age division. At this event, I also broke two world records which had stood for 9 years: a new deadlift world record with a 255kgs deadlift (562lbs) and a new total world record with a 575kgs (1268lbs) total.

That's amazing. Since we’re kicking off a new year, what advice do you have in approaching a goal that seems unattainable or impossible at the moment? 

Just start. There won’t always be the perfect moment. Starting helps you establish your baseline and get a feel for what you can do at the moment. Once you understand that, then you can design a plan to get to the next level. After you have a plan, commit, pack your patience, and don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

Pat and teammates at the 2023 International Powerlifting Federation World Championships in Mongolia