THree Questions For Stephany Tone

November 12, 2020

Like many in her generation, the events of September 11, 2001, were a catalyst that put Stephany Tone on a career path that led her to Berkley Lab. Stephany is new to the Lab, joining this year during the pandemic. She spent five and a half years in the Navy serving in the Military Police.

Stephany is a member of the Lab's Veterans Employee Resource Group. Stephany and other veterans who work at the Lab will be recognized on Friday, Nov. 13 at the Lab's annual event to thank our veterans.

What branch of the service did you choose?

I choose the United States Navy since I wanted to travel, specifically to the areas where the U.S. Navy bases are located. Also, I really love the ocean, and catching a sunrise or sunset from an aircraft carrier in the middle of an ocean is an exceptional experience that cannot be adequately described.

How did your time in the military prepare you for your work at the Lab?

I work in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer as a Sr. Administrator in support of the CFO organization and Field Finance team. We contribute to the Lab’s scientific mission because we make it possible to procure the items the Lab needs to function, from paper to gases to weed whackers. It takes everyone at the Lab to support science, and we support science by making sure everything that touches on finance goes smoothly.

What skills did you learn in the military that help you today?

Two key skills that were instilled in me in the military that I still use today are exhibiting a high level of professionalism and remaining calm under pressure. These two skills will get you far whether in civilian or military life.

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