January 12, 2021

Christy Sherman is new to the Lab, starting in December 2020 as the senior manager of employee and labor relations (ELR) within the human resources department. She brings over 25 years of global HR experience in leading, optimizing, and driving alignment with business leaders to develop and execute HR strategies, programs, processes, and principles. She is also a subject matter expert and highly trained/certified interrogator and investigator in managing various types of global investigations.

Outside of work, Christy played competitive volleyball for many years and ran her own Bay Area volleyball club. She loves football and enjoys cheering on the San Francisco 49ers, singing, hiking, traveling, exploring, and spending time with her 13-year old son (also a quarterback) and her maltipoo puppy Harajuki.

To date, you’ve only been able to experience the Lab virtually. What is your impression of the Lab given your virtual onboarding?

As a newbie, I still have much to learn about the Lab but above all, I am touched by the warm welcome I’ve received. It is astounding to meet so many authentic, caring leaders and colleagues who are open to hearing different perspectives. Camaraderie and the Lab’s focus on ethics is unparalleled. I was also pleased to see the many processes in place like the Mediation Request Process that support our employees and their wellbeing, which I greatly believe in.

The Lab’s ELR office covers a wide variety of specialties within HR. How does the ELR office serve the Lab community?

ELR provides guidance, counsel, and support regarding rules and applicable laws to help resolve labor and employee relations issues. We work closely with the FAIR office, HR division partners, and counsel to help foster a positive professional work environment.

We also provide counsel and management in the resolution of grievances and unfair labor practice charges, and manage collective bargaining agreements, negotiations, and contract administration for the Lab.

What are the top three goals you have for ELR in 2021?

First of all, I’m excited to create greater transparency around what ELR does and how we do it within the Lab community.

Secondly, my goal is to provide efficiency and clarity around processes, support, and service levels so that the Lab can manage risks, respond quickly, and track trends.

And finally, I look forward to continuing to manage the Lab’s interests in labor contracts.