driving Research

Jens Birkholzer became acting ALD for EESA in February 2022 when Susan Hubbard, the former ALD for EESA, was named Deputy for Science and Technology at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Learn what he's excited about at EESA and his days as a postdoc at the Lab in the 1990s.

Reiner Kruecken has lived in many places – in Germany, Canada, and the U.S. east coast. In June 2022, he returned to Berkeley Lab where he was a postdoc 25 years ago, to become the division director for Physical Sciences’ Nuclear Science Division. He shares his thoughts about the importance of nuclear science and offers advice to postdocs at the Lab.

Jessica joined Berkeley Lab 15 years ago as a postdoc. In October, 2022, she was named interim director of the Energy Technologies Area’s Building Technology and Urban Systems Division (BTUS). Jessica recently returned from a year-long appointment with the Building Emissions Team at the White House Council on Environmental Quality. She shares some of her experiences there and what’s going on at BTUS.

Harshini Mukundan joined Berkeley Lab this summer with dual roles. She is a scientist with the Biosciences Area as well as a program manager in the Lab’s Office of National Homeland Security (ONHS) to help the Lab explore and take advantage of rapidly expanding national security opportunities.

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