Akshay Sharma

June 21, 2022

Akshay Sharma grew up in India, attended high school in New Delhi, and studied mechanical engineering at college in Manipal, Karnataka in the south of India. He then earned a master's in mechanical engineering at Columbia University and specialized in energy systems.

In April 2019, Sharma joined the Energy Technologies Area at Berkeley Lab. As a data scientist, he works in the Energy Efficiency Standards Department where he conducts analysis and develops testing methods for the DOE Appliance and Equipment Standards program.

The same month, Sharma joined the Lambda Alliance employee resource group. At Lambda Alliance, he is a co-organizer of a monthly board game hour.

When did you become interested in science?

I was always kind of interested in science, even in fourth or fifth grade in India. As kids, wherever there was new equipment at home like a camera, I would go through the entire instruction manual to understand the workings. Also, video games, which is how I got into computers. I would tinker around with different software.

During Pride Month (June), what would you like people outside the LGBTQ+ community to think about?

It’s about visibility. In a lot of places, LGBTQ+ people have to hide themselves. Pride Month is a shining beacon that LGBTQ+ people exist; that we are talented, smart and thriving. As a community, it is a reminder that a lot of hard work has been put in by people who came before us.

What interests do you have outside Berkeley Lab?

Exercise and fitness. I work out three times a week and do daily four-mile walks in West Berkeley. Given the pandemic, this gave me an outlet to do something physical and help me connect to my surroundings. I also experiment with cooking, both Indian and American.