Building Community

Meet Kayd Miller, the administrative assistant for the NMDC and KBase science programs, and a co-chair of the Lambda Alliance. Miller also helped develop the Lab's new "Gender Identity & Transition in the Workplace" document. 

Aleja Jurado Londoño is a protocol officer for Berkeley Lab. Aleja’s journey took her from Colombia to Turkey, where an unexpected opportunity sparked a career change, a return to Colombia, and finally a new home in California. 

Christopher Payne of the Energy Technologies Area identifies as Native American & shares what that means to him and his family. He's serves on IDEA's Council of Chairs and is a member of the Lab's LANA ERG.

Blanca Bocobo’s father so wanted the American dream for his family, he walked from Michoacan all the way to Stockton, CA to find work. She shares this story and more as part of Latin American Heritage month.

Read about others who are helping to build community at the Lab: