Three Questions For Michael Batie

November 10, 2020

Michael Batie joined the U.S. Navy to take advantage of its technical education, particularly its nuclear propulsion program. He served for six years. After leaving the military the solid technical education he received in the Navy encouraged him to pursue an education in engineering.

Michael is also the new co-chair (with Jason Bush) of the Lab’s Veterans Employee Resource Group.

In honor of Veterans Day on November 11, Michael shared the benefits of his military experience and the importance of his new role in the ERG.

Why is it important that the Lab have an ERG for Veterans? And how does hiring veterans help the Lab deliver on its mission?

Having a Veterans Employee Resource Group, or VERG, promotes an inclusive and welcoming environment for veterans working at the Lab and for prospective veteran employees. VERG is active in our veteran and education communities to both retain and recruit veterans to the Lab.

Hiring veterans offer distinct advantages to the Lab since they have transferable technical skills, leadership experience, they understand how to build a diverse and inclusive team, know how to perform well under pressure, and display integrity in all their actions.

How did your time in the Navy prepare you to support the Lab’s scientific mission?

I support science through the work we do in Facilities. My team maintains mission-critical infrastructure and utilities that support the buildings that support our science. We like to work in partnership with the tenants of those buildings so we can understand their needs and meet them while still maintaining our buildings.

How did your time in the military prepare you for the work you do today?

In addition to the technical background I received, I think the most important skills I learned are around communication. You can never over-communicate, especially when dealing with subjects that are technical or emotional, such as impacting someone’s space. I also learned to pay attention to detail in the Navy. The other main skill is flexibility. At the Lab, there are many opportunities to be flexible.