Three Questions for Rebecca Percz

April 21, 2021

Meet Rebecca Percz, Department Administrator for Strategic Communications. She vividly describes how she envisions her role and her excitement about the Operations Career Development Club’s upcoming workshop.

She also provides helpful tips on how to celebrate Admin Professionals Day
, which is today!

What do your admin responsibilities entail?

As the administrator for the Strategic Communications department, I maintain our vaults of digital and physical resources, onboard team members, and support and connect our wide network of talented communicators.

When I’m not acting as a Wizard Gatekeeper to the Strategic Communications realm, there’s also big projects such as the Lab’s web page makeover and the new Operations Career Development and Networking Club which is holding their inaugural workshop on April 23.

Why did you help create the Operations Career Development and Networking Club and what are you most looking forward to doing and achieving in being part of this group?

I’m constantly inspired by the discipline and hard work of our admins at the Lab. Arica Chhay and Suksham Barun are no exception. After I heard about their interest in bringing the Operations Career Development & Networking Workshop to fruition, I hopped onboard. Not only to ride the coattails of their success in everything they touch, but to be the official cheerleader of the group.

For those who attend, I hope they realize how important they are to the Lab and their growth in the workplace is just another call to adventure. The purpose of this workshop is to really awaken inspiration in others.

And finally, how would you recommend celebrating Admin Professionals Day today?

The best way to celebrate Admin Day is to send your department’s admin an ecard with a personalized note (no one likes stock messages).

As for the admin themselves, I suggest partaking in a hedonistic after-work activity. Eat that Cherry Garcia while listening to Jerry Garcia in the sun or watch that one Star Trek episode for the billionth time. Whatever you do, put down that phone and treat yourself!

Connect with other employees at the Lab by joining the Operations Career Development & Networking Club and attend the April 23 workshop.