August 19

A whopping 85% of you knew that the figurines are located in the stairwell of the first floor of Building 33. But you may not know that Alice Muller, one of the early occupants of the building in 2015 or 2016, added the figurines as a "brain break." I few of the figurines went AWOL, and others appeared, adding to the diversity of rocks. After all that, this week's winner of 499 Bucketlist points is:

Lida Gifford, Biosciences.

Other guesses were the terrace at Building 91, a good guess since there are large rocks on the terrace and there was no reference scale in the photo.

Several others guessed Building 30, but they probably meant Building 33.

From the comments included with the entries, the "art exhibit," as this was named by Ben Reynolds, started when wires were added to the light fixtures in the stairwell to keep them stable in an earthquake. Balbino Mercadal said the stairwell was dark and needed more light, and after the lights were added, the stabilizing wires were added. Then came rocks and, where else but at the Lab, plastic figurines. Some figurines have been seen escaping up the wires due to the potentially lethal predators living on the rocks.

Laleh Cote couldn't remember where she saw them, but she knew they made her smile. Everyone can use a smile!

Someone brought fun clip toys to decorate the wire accents that stretch up the stairway, and these little guys are hanging out on the rocks. It always brightens my day when I walk through this area. Good luck to anyone who hasn't been in this building before haha, that's going to be tough!

-- Evelyn Davies

Dinosaurs, cows, ladybugs, and a snake, if I remember right - these all roam the river stone architectural feature in the 1st floor of the stairwell in Bldg. 33.

-- Marissa Smithwick