July 22

Either this was too easy, or you are really, really good.

95% of the entries were correct.

This week's winner of 499 Bucketlist points is:

Tim Hart, Lead Structural Engineer, Facilities

David Gilbert guessed B54A, the former ATM building near the cafeteria. David was wrong, but he did provide many details about B54A for the archives. Hmmm....we may need to check that location out for photo opportunities.

Most others correctly identified the location as the shuttle stop in the parking lot outside B65, which means that must be a popular shuttle stop. Ben Reynolds wonders if this is the last working pay phone in Berkeley. It has dial tone. Marissa Smithwick was also grooved out by the idea a pay phone still existed.

And Michael Benefield provided coordinates for the location which are much appreciated, but the random number generator doesn't take that extra effort into consideration. Sorry, Michael.