Planning Future Infrastructure

Planning Future Infrastructure Needs

May 25, 2021

Three Operations Divisions work together to plan, build, operate, maintain, and renew the infrastructure needed to support the current and future science mission of Berkeley Lab. Read how they work together to create an environment that supports the Lab's mission.

The Laboratory’s Strategic Infrastructure Planning Office is responsible for translating Berkeley Lab’s strategic science vision, as defined by the research areas, into a long range infrastructure plan designed to meet the mission needs. The Planning Office is the strategy arm of the Lab’s infrastructure needs.

Led by Stan Tuholski, the Strategic Infrastructure Planning Office collaborates with the Areas to help bring their research vision to fruition by developing long range infrastructure plans. Additionally, Stan works with Facilities to understand the maintenance needs and incorporate those needed upgrades into the long range plan.

This role engages with senior Lab leadership on infrastructure strategy, collaborates with Research Areas and Operations on long-term infrastructure initiatives, and works with the Department of Energy on strategy and funding. Stan leads and coordinates the preparation of the infrastructure section for the annual Lab plan submitted to the DOE. In collaboration with the Laboratory Project Management Office, he ensures that the Lab is prepared to lead new construction projects through the DOE Critical Decision approval gates.

If the Planning Office is the strategy arm, the Projects and Infrastructure Modernization Division (PIMD) is the execution arm. PIMD’s Director, Todd Hancock, leads a group of project directors, design managers, project managers, construction managers, and coordinators to design and build world-class science facilities.

The PIM Division’s scope focuses on project execution, which includes upgrading the Lab’s sitewide network of utility services, updating aging buildings, and building brand-new, cutting-edge facilities needed to meet the DOE mission.

PIMD project managers partner with Division Directors and Research Areas to implement projects while carefully considering factors critical to the Lab’s operating and user facilities. PIMD works closely with the Strategic Infrastructure Planning Office and with the Facilities Division to execute the construction project needs for the Laboratory.

The third arm of the Lab’s infrastructure team is the Facilities Division. Facilities’ scope is broad, as the Division is responsible for managing, operating, and maintaining the Lab’s buildings and systems, roads and grounds, and site utilities. The Facilities Division supports Research Areas with scientific equipment installations and updating current working spaces.

Led by Brent Henderson, the Facilities Division also supports PIMD in planning and executing utility and other infrastructure upgrades across the Lab. Facilities is responsible for the inspection, testing, maintenance and repair of Lab equipment across our sites, and Facilities Engineering provides design management support as well as system engineers for key utility and building systems.

The Facility Area Managers are the main point of contact with Research Areas, PIMD, and other Operations Divisions, working across multiple teams to ensure that the daily operations of their buildings are functioning effectively to support ongoing research.

The Campus Planning team supports the Planning Office with the complexities of space management, site and environmental planning, and infrastructure planning and asset management. This group is responsible for assigning, allocating, and moving researchers and equipment as space needs change. In conjunction with the Laboratory stakeholders, they prepare sitewide and research area masterplans to help frame the future physical requirements of the Laboratory.

Together, the Laboratory Strategic Infrastructure Planning Office, PIM Division, and Facilities Division support science by ensuring that the Research Areas have the scientific facilities and the backbone of power, equipment, and resources needed to create the next generation of science solutions.

“Integrated planning is critical to delivering modern research platforms to enable the Lab’s mission”, said Michael Brandt, Deputy Director for Operations and Chief Operating Officer. “The planning starts when Stan works with the research areas to understand and scope their infrastructure and facility needs. It becomes a reality when Todd’s and Brent’s teams start to apply their expertise to funded projects.”

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